Keep your Car Seat
Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter

Fabric Car Seat Covers

Ultimate comfort with Fabric Seat Solution For Your Car Seats. Multiple Fabrics and Designs to Choose From that will keep your car cool. Buy Online For Over 250 Car Models.

Breathable Fabric

Bucket Fit

Custom Stitch

Cooling Effect

Spill & Stain Resistant

Easy To Clean

Eco Friendly

Year Replacement Warranty

Fabric Car Seat Covers Designs

Velvet Fabric Car Seat Cover

Velvet has always been associated to Royalty & Nobility. The colour of velvet often seems dual tone due to fabric fur alignment; this feature has been area of interest for a lot of designers. Elegant brings the same royalty for your car with its range of Premium Fabric Car Seat Covers.

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Nubuck Patina Fabric Car Seat Cover

Some of our customers have always been confused to buy a leatherette seat cover or fabric seat cover because they adore the leather look but enjoy the features of fabric seat covers. Elegant introduces Nubuck Patina Fabric Car Seat Covers that look like leather but is fabric.

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Denim Fabric Car Seat Covers

Denim has always been associated with fashion and care free living style. Denim Car interior was in trend in 1970s & 1980s and has a rich history. Elegant brings to you Denim Retro Fabric Car Seat Covers to ensure that no one misses your style statement while you drive.

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Fresco Fabric Car Seat Covers

Breathable Mesh type Fabric has been loved by sportsmen all over the world. This type of fabric is widely used for sports jerseys and shoes because of its breathing and cooling feature. Presenting Elegant Fresco range of Seat Covers that ensure elevated sporty look and comfort for your drive.

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Comfy Waves Fabric Car Seat Covers

Made of microfiber velvet that provides great comfort and soft touch feel. The waves pattern on the fabric gives a deeper look to the Car Seat Cover. Explore the Comfy Waves Fabric Car Seat Covers by Elegant and make your drive comfortable.

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Fabguard Jacquard Fabric Car Seat Covers

Elegant Fabugaurd Jacquard Fabric Car Seat Covers are made of specially designed fabric that is not printed but woven to give a print like feel. You may choose from a variety of design options and give your car interior the look that you want.

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